Ways to Receive Money From Clients as a Business Man In 2023

As A Hustler, You Need To Know Best Ways to Receive Money From Clients as a Business Man, As A Business Man You Need To know How You Can Receive Payment From Your Customers.

You must be aware That The Normal PayPal Is Not A Good Method To Receive money especially from some countries, You can send from different countries but is some how difficult to receive money From Different Countries.

But their is still a Method you can still use and make it possible To Receive Money using PayPal from different countries, which I am going to be showing you on this article.

PayPal is now very secured now that is restricted from many things most especially those in African country, but in USA you can easily use PayPal without any restrictions.

Best Secured Ways to Receive Money From Clients

Ways to Receive Money From Clients as a Business Man

Some of this method can be anonymous payment received method, what I mean is that you can use that method to receive money from client without any atom of tracing the money, which those method are listed below;


This is Going To take effect depending on the kind of business you transact with your client.

When you use crypto as form of payment, probably you must be into selling of phones and rest because some young guys that do such business prefer to get their money through coin.

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Do you know That when You Tell Your Client That You accept payment via cryptocurrency, you client might likely seen you as a fraudster, but what you need to do is to clear your client Doubt that you are not one.

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Tell your client that the main reason you are collecting the payment via cryptocurrency is because of bank charges Commission that is what you want to avoid.

Let your client know that you are happy to collect money via crypto that is if they deal with cryptocurrency.

When you want to collect payment via cryptocurrency I will advice you that you make use of Binance account And start collecting payment from your client and when you do that you can move the coin to your Trust wallet Account.

Hi Obinna Nwafor, I Don’t know if is possible To send the money via crypto currency Because I just noticed that my bank charge much so I will be ok if you can send the money via crypto currency.


When it comes to Best Ways to Receive Money From Clients, Consider Using Transferwise.

With Transferwise you can easily open Account All Over The world, Once You Are Done With The verification, You can Now open in united kingdom, European, American, you don’t have to fear in opening this account since your intention of collecting this money is not for illegal purpose.

  • Get The wise Account, click on create Account.
  • Select An Euro Account.
  • Complete Verification.
  • Then You are free To start using your account.
  • Next thing, when you are done with the verification you can start using The account.

    PayPal Account

    When I started this content writing, I mentioned about PayPal account, I said PayPal account is restricted in different countries, you can easily send funds but to receive funds is difficult.

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    You need to use the country where PayPal is allowed.

    When you are done creating your PayPal Account, you can easily use it to receive payment from your client as a business man.

    Once you receive that money, you can easily transfer out the money, if you can’t transfer or withdraw the money, then you can sell the funds to people that need it.

    Do you know the best PayPal Account to open is USA PayPal account because with it you can send money worldwide.

    Payoneer Account

    Payoneer Account is still one of the best way to receive payment as a business man, Most especially when you do business that requires transactions in foreign currency, you can make use of Payoneer To Receive your payment from your client.

    Go to Payoneer And sign Up, fill the necessary information on Payoneer and do the necessary verification before you can start using it.

    When you Fully verify your account then you can start receiving payment from it.

    Bank Account

    One Of The easier Ways to Receive Money From Clients is through bank account.

    If you stay in African country you can easily receive your payment from your client as a business man using bank account, using bank account is very fast.

    Problem hardly occur when you use Bank Account, when you stay in Nigeria, you can go into any bank and open account with the bank.


    When it comes To the Ways to Receive Money From Clients is to consider using a picker.

    A picker will help you to collect money all over the world, He will help you to receive payment which you will give him his own percentage, that is mainly the work of a picker.

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    A picker is just a Middle man who is in charge of Helping People to receive money from client.

    When it comes to using a picker, make sure you use a trusted person you can trust that can help you pick up the money and give you your own percentage.

    Hi Obinna,

    I Am Very Greatful for You trying to assist me by sending Me money. Due to The condition On Ground, I Am Unable To receive money in my bank account now. I Have A friend I trust so much who can use the money to assist me better and do things I want to do. I will give you his details and you can send the money to him. Let me know if there’s any other information that you need. Once again, I love you so much and see you soon.

    Conclusion On: Ways to Receive Money From Clients as a Business Man

    There Are may Ways You can receive payment from client as a business man, which I have listed above.

    Always make sure you use a payment method that will secured, that will not hold your money.

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